Horse Transporters For The Win!

There’s a world of difference between trailering a quarter horse to a weekend jackpot rodeo, and being a serious player in the commercial horse transportation business. When your business reputation, source of income, and the lives of horses are at stake, ‘good enough’, just isn’t good enough. That’s why we build every one of our horse vans and boxes to the highest safety and comfort specifications, and why we never compromise on material or workmanship.
And even though every Fleet Equine horse van shares a common trait of quality materials, design and craftsmanship, no two of our horse vans are exactly alike. That’s because you and your unique needs are an integral part of our design and manufacturing process. Little touches like matching interior paint to your towing vehicle,  and carefully aligning and applying your ranch or company logo, raise your visibility and enhance your professionalism in subtle yet effective ways.

Fleet Equine Vans Are Built to Last

When the health and safety of horses are at stake, there’s no room for cutting corners. Sure, we could install plywood interiors; plenty of other manufacturers do. But our solid oak interiors are not only attractive, they hold their own against kicking, cribbing, and more. Solidly-built flat floors reduce road vibration and help horses maintain their footing. Heavy duty wall linings reduce stress-causing road noises and provide an extra layer of insulation that helps maintain climate control all year round. We use lightweight, easy to lift aluminium ramps to make loading horses more human-friendly, while providing a sturdy and slip-resistant surface even in wet weather. Even the doors are mounted on galvanized frames to reduce corrosion.

Little Things Mean a Lot

That’s why we offer a variety of window colors, multiple door configurations and LED lighting that reduces heat while increasing brightness. Use the built-in roof well to store hay, tack or luggage. Keep an eye on your equine passengers with our available Dakota security cameras, and make more room for essentials by ordering custom storage boxes.

If You Can Dream It – We Can Build It

You spend too much time on the road with your horses to compromise on quality, good looks and safety. And that makes you the perfect Fleet Equine customer.
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