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A Few Things To Consider

Are All Horse Trailer Manufacturers The Same?

Horse Trailers from Fleet EquineOf course they aren’t. That’s the same as asking if all car manufacturers are the same, or if all restaurants are alike.
Companies in the same industry have a lot of similarities, but there are often times subtle differences when it comes to quality.
Here are some tips on how to tell the difference between a quality horse trailer or van and one that may look good, but could let you down when you need it the most.

Rust — The Horse Trailer’s Public Enemy #1

Even many brand new, shiny horse trailers don’t start out rust-free. Sure, they may look good on the outside, but the danger of rust and corrosion usually lurks behind the walls, in the roof struts, and behind the door posts.
Because rust often eats metal from the inside out, by the time major rust damage is apparent, the chances are good that the horse trailer’s structural integrity has been affected.
Fleet Equine uses Galvanized steel, rust-resistant stainless steel and aluminium to ensure years of corrosion-free use designed to keep your horse trailer structurally sound and equine safe.

There’s Wood-Like Interiors And Then There’s WOOD Interiors

The Wood Interiors of these Horse Trailers are incomparableParticle board is great for doll houses, and plywood is fine to keep your dog out of the rain. But when you’re transporting horses, only the best wood will do.
That’s why the designers of Fleet Equine products specify chemical-free hardwood oak interiors. In fact we use only Havco oak flooring, nothing else is quite good enough.

Ever Try Standing Up In A Moving Horse Trailer?

It’s not easy. Sure, horses get used to it; but when a slip and fall could mean having to put a horse down, you want to make sure your horse trailer has solidly-built, 100% FLAT floors just like the ones you find in every Fleet Equine Horse Trailer and Horse Van.

There’s A Whole Lot More That Sets Fleet Equine Apart From Other Horse Trailer manufacturers.

So, the next time you’re thinking about buying a horse trailer or van,  compare our specs with the others out there and you’ll discover that all Horse Trailer Manufacturers really aren’t the same.



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Need Horse Vans? We Want You!

Horse Vans For Sale


The Classic Box

If you’re like most horse owners, you want to get the most bang for your buck whether you’re looking to buy your first horse trailer, add to an existing fleet, or replace one you already own.


And who can blame you? It’s expensive to own a horse, and those costs rise quickly when you start trailering them from place to place.

The temptation to buy a used horse trailer is strong when money is tight. But be careful! There’s more to buying a used trailer than kicking the tires and making sure the door latches tightly.

Most older horse trailers have a lot of hidden corrosion that isn’t normally visible unless you peel back the walls. Sometimes you can see rust around the door frames, but don’t make the mistake of thinking some sandpaper and a can of Rust-Oleum spray paint will make it all better. That’s usually just the beginning of your problems.

The real danger comes from rusted-out floor and wall supports, weakened roofs, corroded loading ramps, and trailer doors that don’t seal properly.

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