Choosing The Best Racehorse Transport Trailer

The Classic Van for transporting racehorses is - well, Classic!Every horse is valuable to its owner, but the financial value of a good racehorse can easily reach seven figures or more.
And considering that there may be a number of investors owning a share of that horse, transportation becomes a much bigger challenge than simply getting four hooves from point A to point B.
That’s why the ROI on a quality racehorse transport trailer is so easy to calculate. And that’s why we recommend the Classic Van.
Perils of Loading and Unloading
A nick, cut or bruise can sideline a racehorse, or even end its career. The Classic Van reduces the chances of accident or injury by providing two easy pull loading ramps that are non-slip, have no sharp edges, are lightweight enough for one person to operate, yet provide a sure, solid footing that is less likely to spook what may be an already nervous horse.
Working In The Dark
You’re not always working under the best lighting conditions, especially when you’re far away from home at an unfamiliar track. The Classic Van solves that problem by providing a generous array of interior and exterior LED lighting.
Using LEDs provides maximum brightness without generating heat and without drawing down an excessive amount of battery power.
Plus LEDs last virtually forever, so you’re unlikely to be caught out in the dark with a vital bulb burned out and no spares on hand. Read the rest of this entry »