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Best Of Show Wherever You Go!

Who Makes The Best Horse Vans in Chicago?

The Fleet Equine “Classic Van” is the premier line up for the horse van user, this 53′ double drop van has 22.5 low pro tires and all galvanized steel to keep this looking new for years to come. 16” deep roof well made of aluminum diamond plate, and all LED interior and exterior lights. The standard stainless steel exterior makes this the highest resale horse van in the industry today! All Fleet Equine vans have your company logo everywhere you want to make it uniquely your own. Always Best Of Show Wherever You Go!

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Congratulations On Your New Fleet Equine!

A New Horse Van Rolls out

Congratulations to Craig Sappington and C&E Horse Transportation on the new Horse Van that rolled out in Bolingbrook Illinois. Notice the Custom burned side boards done by Fritz at Fleet Equine. “Click the pictures to see the full view”




Need Horse Vans? We Want You!

Horse Vans For Sale


The Classic Box

If you’re like most horse owners, you want to get the most bang for your buck whether you’re looking to buy your first horse trailer, add to an existing fleet, or replace one you already own.


And who can blame you? It’s expensive to own a horse, and those costs rise quickly when you start trailering them from place to place.

The temptation to buy a used horse trailer is strong when money is tight. But be careful! There’s more to buying a used trailer than kicking the tires and making sure the door latches tightly.

Most older horse trailers have a lot of hidden corrosion that isn’t normally visible unless you peel back the walls. Sometimes you can see rust around the door frames, but don’t make the mistake of thinking some sandpaper and a can of Rust-Oleum spray paint will make it all better. That’s usually just the beginning of your problems.

The real danger comes from rusted-out floor and wall supports, weakened roofs, corroded loading ramps, and trailer doors that don’t seal properly.

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When Transporting Horses Is Your Job, Mass Produced Trailers Don’t Cut It

Horse Transporters For The Win!

There’s a world of difference between trailering a quarter horse to a weekend jackpot rodeo, and being a serious player in the commercial horse transportation business. When your business reputation, source of income, and the lives of horses are at stake, ‘good enough’, just isn’t good enough. That’s why we build every one of our horse vans and boxes to the highest safety and comfort specifications, and why we never compromise on material or workmanship.
And even though every Fleet Equine horse van shares a common trait of quality materials, design and craftsmanship, no two of our horse vans are exactly alike. That’s because you and your unique needs are an integral part of our design and manufacturing process. Little touches like matching interior paint to your towing vehicle,  and carefully aligning and applying your ranch or company logo, raise your visibility and enhance your professionalism in subtle yet effective ways.

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If You’re Going to be King of the Road, You Might as Well Pull The Royal Van

Our Royal Horse Van For Sale

Designed from the ground up for equine professionals who feel like they spend more time on the road than in the saddle, The Fleet Equine Royal Van knows no compromise.

This is our top-of-the line, 102” wide, 16-horse van, with a 4’ California legal spread axle, that’s built for long-haul punishment.

If you’re looking for a horse van that doesn’t sacrifice when it comes to quality, safety, design or good looks, you’re looking for the Royal Van.

All steel components, including door and wall posts are galvanized for corrosion protection. Stainless steel rear panels and rear frame deliver a good looking solution to the effects of rain, road salt and more. And since those panels are up against galvanized posts, there won’t be any hidden rust eating your van from the inside out. Read the rest of this entry »

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